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MacX Video Converter Pro [Review]

Written by Asad Riaz

4K resolution is the trend and future of videos. It is easy to obtain 4K and HD video recourse from video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion. Or you can shoot videos in 4K resolution with your iPhone, Android devices. 4K videos are ubiquitous.

However, the major disadvantage of 4K video is the bulky file size. A 10-minute 4K video at 30 PFS recorded by iPhone takes approximately 3.5GB. And it is also a headache to upload these cumbersome 4K videos to YouTube due to format incompatibility and file size limit. The only solution is processing 4K videos beforehand. If you are concerned about the time of converting and compressing 4K videos, MacX Video Converter Pro could be the perfect tool for Mac users to deal with these points.

MacX Video Converter Pro is the must-have software for all video enthusiasts. No matter you want to convert 4K, compress, edit, download, record videos or adjust video parameters. And what makes MacX stands out is the lightening video processing speed powered by Intel QSV/Nvidia/AMD hardware acceleration tech. Now you have a chance to win this video processing tool for free.


Hardware acceleration tech means that in video transcoding, graphically-intensive tasks such as high-definition video processing are offloaded from CPU to specialized GPU/APU to boost performance. The tech drastically reduces energy consumption while averagely boosts the video processing by 2 to 3 faster.

The comparison between MacX Video Converter Pro and HandBrake presents the power of hardware acceleration tech in a very visible way. MacX is about 8X faster than HandBrake when converting the same 4K video.


How to Process 4K video with Hardware Accelerated MacX Video Converter Pro

Step 1: Import the target 4K video to the program.
Launch the program and click on + Video button in the top-left corner to import 4K UHD videos.

Step 2: Select output profile.
Choose the proper output video devices and formats in the pop-up presetting window. It has dozens of ready-made profiles, covering all models of iPhone, iPad, Android, 200+ video formats. If you need to reduce 4K video file size to the hilt, you can select MP4 (HEVC) as the output setting or switch to lower resolution, adjust aspect ration and frame rate.

Step 3: Start to convert video.
Tap RUN, the 4K video processing is in progress. and if your computer supports hardware acceleration, the program will automatically enable this function and process videos at the fastest speed.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a solution to deal with your 4K videos, MacX Video Converter Pro is the one that you can’t miss.

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